Sarah Brothers

Service Lead

Sarah is one of our young person’s therapists and the Service Lead at Youth Interventions. She works one-to-one with young people who are struggling to manage overwhelming emotions and navigate through difficult times in their lives, using the Youth Interventions toolkit. Sarah very much brings her own style to Youth Interventions. She combines her empathy with creativity, her passion for our work with gentleness, and helps our young people to have an experience that has proven to be transformative.

“I came to Scotland from America in 2018 to complete my MSc in Clinical Health Psychology at the University of Strathclyde. Prior to coming to Scotland, I graduated summa cum laude from the State University of New York with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I’m currently entering the second year of my doctorate in Health Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University.

My role at Youth Interventions is a dynamic role that helps to facilitate the day-to-day operations as Service Lead while also providing one-to-one support to young people as a therapist. I really enjoy being around young people, so I also work with the Youth Project. I have worked with young people and children for many years and believe that providing emotional awareness and education contributes to mental and emotional wellbeing as well as reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. In my time at YI, we have become a close-knit team that young people find accessible and easy to relate to. A major component of our way of working is giving the young people a place to be heard, whether on a Tuesday night at the hub, or in a one-to-one setting. The world is a busy, ever-changing ,and uncertain place, especially in the current climate. We at Youth Interventions strive to provide young people with a place where they can go when they need someone to talk to, or simply want a place to spend time with their friends. Our collaborative approach gives the young people a sense of autonomy and ownership of the hub, which they frequently remind us of!  In my spare time, I enjoy going to the gym, hillwalking with my sighthounds, cooking, and riding motorcycles.”