Louise Dempsey

Manager & Programme Director

Louise founded Youth Interventions in 2015.

Her family experienced bereavement due to addiction, and seeing the impact that this had on the young people in her family, changed the course of her life.

She began to work with young people across communities – in colleges, schools and residential homes, discussing emotional and mental health, negative coping behaviours, harm reduction and the impact that alcohol and drug misuse had on the lives of young people.  It became apparent to Louise that there was a massive gap in service provision for many young people during times of real emotional distress, and a lack of understanding around what were clearly maladaptive coping behaviours.

When Louise was delivering workshops in schools, many young people would send her scribbled notes asking for some help, and Louise felt compelled to do something about this.

Louise’s first Degree is in Social Science majoring in Psychology and she lectured in this discipline for Aryshire College. Louise enjoyed her lecturing experience, but her passion and skill is in helping young people during times of emotional/mental distress.  

After parenting her own three children independently she went back to university and obtained a Post Grad in Addiction Studies and Treatment Modalities from Glasgow University. For her presentation she researched the gap in service provision for young people, working to the hypothesis that treating troubled adolescents could reduce the need for addiction services in adults. Louise worked full time in a Clinical Tier 4 Residential Treatment Centre while growing Youth Interventions on a voluntary part time basis.

After this, Louise trained with COSCA and obtained her Counselling qualification from Edinburgh University, and has since studied as a student of Doctor Sam Himlestein at the Centre of Adolescent Studies USA. She is a qualified Trauma Informed Practitioner.  Louise is committed to her field and is currently studying to gain her Psychotherapy post grad.

Youth Interventions delivers a Positive Behavioural Change and Empowerment Programme that helps young people to change what are maladaptive coping behaviours.

Louise works with her team to design a relational, person centred, creative, solution focused package for every young person who walks through the door and she is passionate and proud of the work that they do.

“Youth Interventions exists because I believe that young people are entitled to be heard and introduced to the concept of RECOVERY from whatever it is that is causing them emotional/mental distress. We don’t have a magic wand, and we can’t change what has happened in a young person’s life, but we absolutely can and do walk alongside them, helping them to make sense of it, and to develop more positive coping strategies, and change maladaptive behaviours. We’re not saying that it’s easy, but it’s fairly simple and straightforward. Show up. Walk through the door every week, be present. And watch and see.”