Lee Ross

Young Person's Recovery Practitioner

Lee is a highly skilled practitioner who works in a residential rehab in Glasgow.  Lee is in long term recovery from addiction, and as such, is able to work with those who are experiencing addiciton with empathy, understanding and compassion.  His knowledge of recovery and the tools required to maintain it is second to none, and he is an excellent group facilitator.  Lee delivers a recovery programme that is based on the principles of CBT but it also familiar and skilled in working to other recovery pathways.  His style is full of passion, integrity and humour.  Lee is a lot of fun to work with and young people respond to him well.

Lee is a registered practitioner with the SSSC, has his PVG, has completed his SVQ3 and is currently undertaking his counselling qualification

“Before we all started talking about ACE’s, we knew about it. We just didn’t have a model to refer to. Every single adult that I have worked with who’s been in active addiction, have identified that their problems began when they were young. Drugs and alcohol aren’t their problem – that’s their solution to other things that’s causing them emotional pain. Working with young people is a joy for me and something that I take a lot of pride in. We understand different models of recovery, and we accept that for many young people, abstinence is unrealistic. So we start by aiming to reduce harm, gain manageability, and we work a lot on building up their self worth, their motivation, and helping them to create a positive picture of self and the world around them. It’s a real honour to be able to help young people to do this.”