Hello and welcome to Youth Interventions

First of all, exhale. You're not alone.

You're probably experiencing a multitude of emotions right now, and just like everyone else, need an ear to listen to you. As a parent, one of the worse things that we have to go through is watching our child experience pain. We feel helpless, useless, sometimes angry when they're acting out, fearful and very often guilty.

Whilst it's true that life events can and do impact upon the developing child, we don't hold any prejudicial assumptions about you! We don't believe that everything is your fault.

We know that adolescence is a time of experimentation and massive neurological pruning, and this often results is high risk taking behaviour. Often they pass, but sometimes they don't and they become harmful.

Then there are the times in your young person's life, when things happen, and the emotions that they feel become too overwhelming to manage.

At times like these, we all need a little bit of help.

Youth Interventions are experts in working with teenagers who are suffering from emotional problems, misusing drink or drugs, isolating and feeling constantly down – or just behaving in ways that are maladaptive to them and cause


Working together for you

You're just as important.

We know that parents and family members have an important role to play when a young person begins to make changes. Family systems and the interaction that we have with one another can shape a young person's behaviour and can activate unhelpful defense mechanisms.
If we, the adult, are aware of this, it can contribute to the process of change.

We can:
Offer you some family support - there is a lot of comfort to be had when you realise that others are experiencing the same as you and that you're not alone.
Offer parenting advice and workshops where we explore adolescent development and consider communication styles
Help you to open up a dialogue with your young person where you can explore the opportunity of engaging with Youth Interventions.

What We Do

Below are the links to the three pillars of our service.  If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Youth Programme

Youth Programme At the Youth Interventions HUB, young  people from across our community can come to access their own after school adolescent youth drop in and youth club.  This is their “wee hoose”  where

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Young Person’s Substance Misuse

Young Person’s Substance Misuse As the plethora of NPS’s and other drugs available to our young people expands, Youth Interventions believe that we have an ethical duty to respond to the needs of our

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Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing The Y.I. team work with young people during times of emotional distress.  Using counselling skills and psychological strategies we help young people during periods of their lives when they feel like life

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