The evidence base very clearly says yes.

The practitioners at Youth Interventions will work with your young person sensitively, empathetically and effectively.  We will establish the teenager’s  context of substance use, and we will then create a treatment modality which meets their needs and dovetails with their care plan.

In Scotland, current service provision for young people who misuse substances or are affected by addiction is poor. Currently the only options available when we face this terrifying reality are a referral to an over stretched CAMHS service, or a general acceptance that substance misuse is a normative behaviour during adolescence.

Youth Interventions knows first hand the impact that substance abuse can have on the developing adolescent, and we are here to offer you a solution when you are caring for a young person who is facing the reality of of teenage addiction.

Substance abuse in young people can be treated and Youth Interventions can offer both your young person, and your staff a solution.

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