calum 2“Working with Louise from Youth Interventions was a life changing experience for me.  I saw lots of medical and social work staff throughout my time in care but never really believed that any of them understood what I was going through.

It was a completely different experience working with Louise. She didn’t work the same way as anyone else and kind of went with how I was feeling on the day.  That helped a lot because I had been moved to Scotland and felt really lonely and in a dark place. At the time I was probably scared as well and I started to look forward to our weekly meetings. Because I always felt a little bit better after each one. I honestly feel that she saved my life.

The assessment process was gentle but thorough and the therapy and counselling sessions always left me feeling a little bit better about myself.

I’ll be honest I didn’t stop using straight away, but as I’ve gotten older a lot of the things that we covered together keep coming back to me and I now know how to avoid triggers and manage my emotions better than I did before”.




Hi my name is Shannon and I am 20 years of age and a formal care leaver.  As a young girl I found life challenging and a bit tricky being in the care system. I was a very angry young lady. I was angry at society, my family, the world and also myself. I felt as though the world was out to get me! As time went on I was moved from home to home as I wasnt able to maintain my behaviour in many placements. I started rebelling against carers, staff and also social work services who were only out to help me. I had quite a lot of trouble with my anger which at times could result in me picking up convictions. I struggled with emotions and how to manage them. My way of managing them was a constant negative which resulted in me getting into trouble. I found it easier keeping my emotions to myself because I didn’t trust anyone enough to confront in them. However through time in my journey of getting to know myself I met a lovely woman, Louise Dempsey. I learned to trust Louise because she was consistent in my life and never gave up on me. She would comfort me, be there to listen and be there for me when I was at my lowest. I refused at times to engage on numerous occasions and Louise never gave up on me.  She would comfort me and sit with me until I felt ready to open up. Trust was extremely important for me and I gained that with Louise through time. Louise taught me many strategies to deal with my anger and emotions and also my general way of thinking which has now benefited me in my future. I learned how to believe in myself and my capabilities. I learned my self worth and couldn’t have done this without the help of Louise. I am now living in my own tenancy and happy with my life. I still have a positive relationship with Louise and she is the only one I still see from my care journey.