It is the aspiration of Youth Interventions to deliver Understanding Risk: Reducing Harm Workshops across the schools of Scotland.


It is our hypothesis that informing, educating and offering HELP to young people who are affected by emotional distress resulting in substance misuse, self harm, depression, eating disorder or any other harmful behaviour,  may reduce the need for substitute prescribing and mental health treatment for adults.


There’s lots of things that affect our young people’s way of thinking – it’s a time of massive neurological pruning – and new behaviours and ways of thinking are inevitable.


We know that there is a strong correlation between hormone fluctuations, emotional distress, economic deprivation, inter-generational alcohol/substance misuse, and criminality and it is estimated that there are approximately 820,000 people in Scotland living in poverty (Scottish Gov. 2014).  The link between poverty and substance misuse is widely accepted because it is often during times of hardship and angst that people may turn to alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism.  However it is important that we accept that substance misuse does not discriminate.

It can happen to anyone, and we at Youth Interventions want to reach the hidden population of adolescents who silently live with this – and offer them an opportunity to express their voice.

While the workshops are educational and informative, they are also a source and first stop for help should the young people need it.  Once every workshop is over, the young people will be given the opportunity to access a therapeutic intervention via social media live chat.  This will give them the opportunity to talk about anything  raised within the workshop that they might identify with, but have been  keeping silent about.  Silence and the inability to express emotional upset or trauma is something that we at Youth Interventions want to eradicate.

Within the workshops we will educate young people on:

  • what’s emotional health
  • the impact of stress and anxiety
  • current drug trends
  • the dangers of harmful effects and the risks associated with excessive alcohol use and drug taking – young people make choices every day and some of these choices are bad choices – Youth Interventions aims to make them informed choices
  • how different types of drugs work on the systems of the body
  • harm reduction strategies – what to do if?
  • the legal implications of using/possessing illicit substances
  • ways to manage stress and anxiety that do not cause harm

But more than that – we will leave them with an opportunity to express their voice – and be given any help that they might  need.

We are a dedicated dynamic team – we KNOW young people and we KNOW about adolescent mental health,  substance misuse and maladaptive behaviours.

Our workshops are innovative, educational, informative – and they are enjoyable!  Have us out to your school/group/college and let us get to work with the young people of Scotland – to improve emotional wellbeing, smash stigma, reduce shame – and offer help to our young people.

Get to know US – call us and have us come to your school: 07799952937