First of all hello, and let me assure you – you have come to the right place.

We at Youth Interventions, are experts in the field of addiction and substance misuse.  Our substance misuse practitioners have a huge amount of first hand experience in dealing with addiction and we will work with your young person sensitively, effectively and professionally creating their own person centered recovery plan and treatment modality.

How did we come to be?  Well, Youth Interventions was born from circumstance.

Let us tell you about David…..

David like many other adolescents from the rave generation grew up as ecstasy  made its appearance in the dance clubs and underground raves that were popular throughout the 90’s.  His drug use was recreational, and like many of our young people today, he dabbled in clubbing drugs such as ecstasy, speed and cocaine.  At this time there were no Legal Highs (New Psychoactive Substances – NPS) but the effects were much the same.

David was a chef and he worked hard. When work was over and the weekend came around, David liked to party just as hard as he worked. He argued that it was his choice, that he had it under control and that it was fun.  So, he continued to use drugs throughout his teenage years and into his twenties.  As time passed many of his peers changed their pattern of socialising.   As they matured and began loving relationships their circumstances and responsibilities changed. David didn’t settle down as quickly as many of his peers and he was still using regularly into his late twenties.

Drug trends change slightly and chemical compositions are every varying, but systems of the body operate in the same way.  Consequently, when you stop taking substances there is no getting away from the inevitable come down.  These come downs became increasingly  more difficult for David to cope with and he turned to depressants to cope with the symptoms of his over excited nervous system and mood crashes.  He used alcohol, benzodiazapines, cannabis and finally heroin and, as he used, his dependency increased.

I am the founder of Youth Interventions and my life changed forever on the day that David died of an accidental drugs overdose in 2007.  Now instead of teaching Psychology & Sociology, my days are spent working with young people on their recovery from substance misuse and addiction.

I am passionate about introducing the concept of recovery to young people.  It wasn’t a concept that David knew. While he did have a loving partner and family,  addiction got a hold and he became filled with despair.

By keeping connected we become stronger. During the time of adolescence our young people go through tumultuous emotions.  When that is combined with vulnerability and substance misuse, they plunge straight into darkness.

We at Youth Interventions understand and identify with much of what your young people have experienced.  We know first hand about the impact that substance misuse can have on families, and about the shame that many people feel.  We’re here to smash the stigma and help our young people shake off any associated feelings of shame.   We introduce treatment that is based around compassion, joy, humour, intellect and mutual respect.  We understand the paradoxical nature of teenage substance abuse – sometimes drugs are taken so that teenagers will fit in with the crowd, and yet when a young person is in the grip of abuse or addiction, it can be the loneliest place on earth.   Attempting to navigate this journey alone is terrifying.   Recovery is a personal individual journey, but the bonds that bind the practitioners of Youth Interventions and the young people that we work with,  strengthen us collectively.

Youth Interventions exists because I  believe that young people are entitled to be heard and introduced to the concept of RECOVERY.

It is our ethical duty.