Well first of all, exhale. You’re not alone, and although you may be feeling a multitude of different emotions right now, we can tell you from experience, “That’s ok – and perfectly normal!”

By seeking us out, you’re demonstrating the commitment that you already have to getting your young person some help with the problems that they’re facing – whether your young person considers them to be problems or not!  And at Youth Interventions, we don’t  hold any prejudicial assumptions towards parenting.  Unlike the teen that you’re worrying yourself sick about, we don’t believe that EVERYTHING is your fault!  We know that adolescence is a time of experimentation and massive neurological pruning, and this often results in risky behaviours.   Sometimes though, these behaviours become maladaptive and specialist help is needed to address them.  So, you’re important, for a number of reasons.  We believe that parents and the concerned others of young people are vital components of the young person’s recovery capital and as such, we encourage your participation. But more than this, we believe, is our ability to help empower you. Because when you have accurate information, when you believe that not everything is your fault, when you take responsibility for the actions that may contribute to negative behaviours from your young person, when YOU start to feel empowered – then this will transfer.

Together we can:

  • Assist your young person in establishing motivation to engage.
  • Learn skills to establish pro-social behaviours and reduce the perceived positives of use.
  • Learn about current drug trends and how best to deal with the symptoms of intoxication.
  • Gather a wider, more accurate picture of the young person’s historical background in order to establish a context of use.

And that’s the first thing that we have to establish – what is problem substance misuse?  For many concerned others, any use at all is problematic, and that is understandable.  No-one wants their son, daughter, cared for young person to be using substances. So finding out that they are can be scary, and can lead to dramatic, knee jerk reactions.

But like we said at the beginning – exhale and let’s move forward with a planned course of action.



Youth Interventions uses the CRAFT (Community Reinforcement & Family Therapy ) Behaviour Programme when working with young people and their families:  Our aims are:

  1. To enable parents and concerned others to assist their unmotivated loved ones into treatment, without conflict.
  2. Reduce the stress and suffering of the concerned loves by:
    • Reducing conflict
    • Reducing stress
    • Reducing any domestic violence/abuse – verbal, physical or both
  3. Improving the lives of the young person, and the concerned others.

We won’t begin to tell you that this journey will be a smooth one, and we acknowledge that it will be difficult. It requires that YOU commit to this, as you are asking your young person to do – and it asks that you show consistency, patience, firmness and love.



Using Systemic Family Therapy we can explore family roles and the patterns that exist within it, and using Behavioural Family Therapy we can teach life-skills to your young person and stress reduction strategies to you, which may change the dynamics and interaction of your family unit.


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