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The practitioners at Youth Interventions  have years of expertise working with adolescents who are affected by substance misuse problems.  We are strong on the principles of Evidence Based Practice and mutual aid , and and such we draw strength from each other – concerned others and our colleagues within the field.  We have years of professional experience, working with adolescents who have many complex needs and we work across the different domains of their lives ensuring that our Interventions are suitable to you both your young person’s personality and circumstance.

Youth Interventions  recognise that the treatment of adolescents differs significantly from the treatment of substance misusing adults for a number of reasons:

  • Many young people are resistant to treatment and help.  They are in the care of concerned others, and as such have little motivation to change because they haven’t hit that “rock bottom”.  Youth Interventions knows from experience that  we do not have to wait for the young person to have their “epiphany” before we can work with them.  Much work can be done to reduce harm and encourage motivation for change, and our One to One Interventions ensure that our practitioners roll with resistance and always work to the principles of motivational interviewing.
  • Young people use substances for many different reasons. In order to ensure that the most appropriate intervention and treatment is matched to their needs, great care and time is taken when carrying out the assessment process in order to establish a context of use.

In recognition of this, we consider the vulnerabilities that our young people face.  Not only are we skilled in the counselling of addictions, but we are socially aware and sensitive to the contributing factors that can escalate their substance misuse.    The practitioners at Youth Interventions recognise that poverty, inter-generational substance misuse, crime and inequalities can all be contributing factors as to why a young person may misuse substances.  And sometimes, it isn’t about any of these things and it’s  just about the “buzz” and having fun – until it isn’t fun anymore, for anyone.


Youth Interventions can work with young people from any background and  in a variety of community settings – in school, or at home.  Our style is informal and non clinical and we also have years of experience working with young people who are Looked After and Accommodated.

We are practical and pragmatic and have good responses to the needs, moods and natures of adolescents.   We couple this with sound academic and professional underpinnings and as such all of our sessions will be documented in order to demonstrate evidence based practice and accountability.

Our services include, One to One Interventions for young people, Family Work,  award winning Interactive and Education and Workshops and Consultancy and Training services

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One To One Help

Our One-to-One services help equip ouor young people with the right tools.